Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring will come!?

"I know there is grass under here somewhere...if I keep on digging maybe I will find it." This morning the sun shines brightly and there is a promise of a warmer day. Spring is just around the corner, or so they say. Hard to convince me by the looks of our yard.

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SCUTTELL said...

Hopefully after this weekend there will be dead green grass to look at and plenty more mud to play in.

My sister has 2 houses that we can use. The main house is year round so that they can retire up there and the other she rents. The house is on Webhanat round and kinda right across the street from the beach. The backyard is the tidal river which is really nice. My guys, especially sydney love trotting down the dock and swimming. Love it up there...Would love to own my own place but being able to use hers is cool too.

Tell Sara that once she gets bit by the blogging bug it is kinda fun sharing pics and stories. It kinda is like a dog journal...