Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meet Our Corgis

Sara and Lucy in Maine

Heronsway Let's Have A Ball RN AX AXJ AXP MJP OF

I want to introduce the other canine family members....Lucy and Ricky. Yes, as you can tell there is a theme to their call names. Lucy is the first dog I have owned and goal with her was to try to compete in agility but most of all to have fun. I chose her registered name because she is a red head and I loved Lucille Ball! So Lucy is also known as Heronsway Let's Have A Ball. Lucy is approaching her 9th birthday in a few weeks which seems very hard to believe. I am happy that she continues to be the spirited girl that I brought home as a pup. She has been a challenging dog to train as my first dog but I have loved every part of it. She LOVES to work, to go to classes, to go anywhere with me, to compete in agility and try our hand in rally. She is a great teammate and I hope we have many more years of running around an agility course together.

Stayed tuned for Ricky's debut!


C-Lee said...

very nice intro for lucy! welcome sara to blogging fun :-)

Weezee said...

I have no doubt Lucy will never lose her "tude"!