Friday, March 20, 2009


Lucy is nine years old today! A very special day for a very special girl. She is the spirited alpha of our pack, always ready to get up and go no matter what the occasion. She keeps all of the dogs, cat and people in the family in line.

We had no idea when we added Lucy and Keji to our lives where they would lead us. Through them we have come to love various performance activities and many wonderful friends. Nine years is a special accomplishment for you little girl! We hope you keep going and challenging us all for many years to come.

Happy Birthday!


SCUTTELL said...

A big happy bday to the special girl ! Ya know we never know what directions our fur families will take us. I think more than not it becomes the thrill of a lifetime.
And now with Brio, hang on,there is a lot more to come !!

SCUTTELL said...

okay, you guys are slacking big time....

Anonymous said...

Happy belated b-day Lucy! I love looking at the corgi puppy pictures. SO cute!