Sunday, February 22, 2009

Growing Every Day

As you can see Brio is growing every day. She has a great appetite, plays hard, crashes and sleeps hard. Here she is resting after a 50 minute romp in the woods. It is quite hard to lose her attention in the woods, but I keep trying. I had one really good opportunity to hide on her yesterday and she ran in a few directions before she found me. This past week she turned 12 weeks old and she is becoming very confident and starting to venture short distances away rather than staying underfoot as she has done in the past. But the moment that my feet stop crunching in the snow she looks up and runs to catch up. I sure hope that all these woods walks really do help her to keep a close eye on me as she matures and we venture into the woods when she is older.

Whenever the camera comes out she always looks quite serious. Here she is posing again for a picture. Brio is proving to be a lot of fun to train. She just loves when we head down to our training area in the basement for a little work and play. When we go to our training facility she is incredibly enthusiastic to go inside and see all her new friends, human and canine. She is very confident going to new places and meeting new people. This past week we took her to our home in Maine and she took the change all instride. She marched around Dock Square not a batting an eye to the traffic rumbling bye and rattling the trestles of the wooden bridge we were crossing. And Oh My! What a response when she heard the ducks quacking below the bridge. She sure seems to know what that sound means. Just like she stops and looks up when she hears geese passing overhead. Tomorrow we start beginner attention class and I sure working with her in that class will be great fun.

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