Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delinquent Blogger!

Okay, so I have been delinquent with the blogging. I am guilty. As Sara says, I just spend too much time lying on the sofa watching those soaps and eating bon-bons. Really I just have been busy having so much fun with little Brio that I have not kept up with the computer stuff. I have taken plenty of pictures but have not spent time uploading and getting them onto the blog. Well I really do not watch soaps but with the puppy housetraining, playing, obedience training, playing, grooming, outings to meet new people and places, playing, woods walks, playing, puppy obedience class and an occasional day of work I have not had a lot of free time. As you can see Brio is still quite cute. She just thinks it is great to lie near the boots and shoes.

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